The Difference Between Lip Sleeping Mask and Lip Balm

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Many different trends are being circulated on social media regarding different products. This is all to get the customers’ attention and make them purchase it. However, some products are introduced with solid research and customer need.

Lip masks and lip balms are one of them. In the cosmetic field, they are not only necessary but also it has many benefits for sensitive lip skin.

Let’s find out how lip masks and lip balm are different from each other and what they are its uses.

What Exactly Is a Lip-Sleeping Mask?

A lip sleeping mask consists of a thick gel mask sheet, usually in the shape of lips. These lip-sleeping masks are to be worn on your lips per the instructions provided by the product’s specification.

Some lip masks are made to be worn overnight, and other masks are designed to be worn for a shorter period (15 to 20 minutes). A lip-sleeping mask is worn overnight to get the desired results in one night.

The basic reason to wear a lip-sleeping mask is to hydrate your lips properly. It makes the lips look plumper and fuller.

Also, the primary function of using a lip mask is the same as using a lip balm. Because both serve the same purpose, to hydrate the lips. But lip masks are easier to apply and provide intensive hydration to the lips that stay longer.

How Does Lip-Sleeping Mask Work?

Applying a lip-sleeping mask is just an easy task. Open the package and gently take out the gel patch. Apply it directly to your lips. Tap a little around the patch to fit it into the lip area nicely. Wait for the recommended time mentioned by the manufacturer on the mask. Now remove it and massage the excessive gel onto the lips.

You may feel plumper or fuller lips which is normal and designed to look so. Now you can wear a nice lipstick shade of your choice.

Important Tips for Lip-Sleeping Masks
  • Never reuse a lip-sleeping mask. Dispose of it as you take it off. Even if you feel any temptation to use the remaining gel again, do not do it! It will have a lot of germs in it.
  • Before applying a lip-sleeping mask, prep your skin for the best results. We recommend that you exfoliate your lips first. You can use a lip scrub. But if you don’t have one, take a wet washed cloth. Rub it gently to remove dead skin from the lips. It will improve the absorption of the gel ingredients of the mask.
  • Before you make your purchase of lip masks, make sure that you check for the ingredients. If you are allergic to any ingredients, look for another mask that suits you better.
  • If you get redness or irritation, remove the mask right away.
  • If the skin around the lips is broken or irritated, do not use the masks. It can worsen the effect.
  • If the mask you use is stiff and more solid than any usual one and stops your breath from your mouth, remove it after some time. Do not compromise your health with beauty.
  • Eating and drinking while wearing a mask can knock it off. And don’t talk when your mask is on your lip.
The Function of Lip Balm

Lip balm is something that we all have been carrying with us since our childhood. It is the simplest way to hydrate your lips. There is a variety of lip balms in the market so that you can choose according to your lip treatment and the scent you like.

The basic purpose of using a lip balm is to give quick hydration and make the lips softer and smoother. You can apply lip balm as often as you like during the day and at night. But adding it to your skincare routine can help lock moisture for the lips.

When to Use Lip Balm and Lip Sleeping Mask?

We have discussed lip balm and lip sleeping masks, and now we can tell the difference between them. But when to use a lip balm and lip-sleeping mask is a major concern.

Lip balms and lip-sleeping masks can be carried anywhere in your vanity box or the purse you carry with you when outside.

We recommend adding lip balm daily to your day and night skincare routine. You can also apply lip balm any time you feel like applying it, like traveling, driving, at school, with friends, etc. there are lip balms with SPF properties in them, so you can wear those when going outside.

Lip sleeping masks, however, are used in nighttime skin treatments. The enriched formula of the lip-sleeping mask allows the patchy skin of lips to get moisture and hydrates it deeply.

The Difference between Lip Balm and Lip Sleeping Mask

Lip balm can hydrate the lip skin, whereas the lip-sleeping mask is a treatment for chapped or any lip type. So, let’s explore some other differences that these products have.


The soft texture of lip balm allows the lip to hydrate quickly. It helps the lip skin from cracking and protects it from dry weather.

However, the Lip Sleeping Mask is a thick textured product. The richer texture makes the lip skin stay hydrated for a longer time.


A lip balm comprises beeswax or carnauba wax, camphor, cetyl alcohol, lanolin, paraffin, and petrolatum. Different lip balms are available in the market with differences in dyes, flavor, fragrance, phenol, salicylic acid, and sunscreen.

A lip-sleeping mask contains more powerful ingredients that provide long-lasting results. The main ingredients in lip-sleeping masks are natural oil like coconut or olive oil, shea butter, and Vitamin C. lip-sleeping masks are available in different forms and with different ingredients.


Lip balm can be in the form of a stick or jar packaging. You can directly apply the stick to your lips. Or use your index finger to take a little lip balm from the jar. Spread it evenly on the lips. Add more quantity if necessary.

Lip-sleeping masks come in a sealed pack. Please remove the gel mask patch and apply it to the lips. Gently tap and press down it on your lips to settle it on the lips. Remove the patch when you wake up in the morning. Massage the remaining gel on the lip and around it until it gets absorbed into the skin. And enjoy healthy and soft skin.


Consistent usage of lip balm makes the lips softer. It seals the moisture for some time. In contrast, a lip-sleeping mask is a lip repair treatment. The lip mask formula strengthens the lips’ natural healing system at night. It hydrates the skin and makes them fuller and plumper.


Lip balm helps to lock in the moisture in the lip skin. But it doesn’t last long. The temporary seal on the lips makes the cracked skin soften up. As the balm is gone, the skin gets dry and needs to be applied again. It can also feel flaky and more cracked than before. Therefore, reapply the lip balm to get better results all day long.

A lip-sleeping mask sinks into the skin overnight for eight or more hours. That means it provides more moisture and provides lasting results. It softens the skin and leaves the lips with a plumper look.

Is It Necessary to Use a Lip Balm or Lip-Sleeping Mask?

The weather conditions are changing with extreme temperatures. It requires more skincare to dry out and become flaky. Using lip balm is not enough when your lips are cracked and flaky.

Use lip balm and masks to get soft and rosy lips all day long. This full-day hydration package can heal the lips overnight, and if both products are used daily can change the game.

Balancing out the lip care routine using lip masks and lip balm can change your look because lips strongly impact building a personality.

Natural ingredients like coconut and olive oil in both products revive the skin’s natural texture. So it is important to add lip balm and a lip-sleeping mask to get a perfect lip care routine.


Lip balms and lip-sleeping masks both have their place in making the skin soft. You can get better results day by day as you start using them. We recommend using them both together. Lip balm during the day and the lip-sleeping mask at night. Try this super convenient and effective lip care routine that you won’t leave it again.

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