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When You Look Good, You Feel Good

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The top three occupations in the Beauty salons Industry Group are Hairdressers, hairstylists, & cosmetologists, Manicurists and pedi-curists, Receptionists & information clerks, Supervisors of personal care and service workers, and Skincare specialists.


Supro was born


We went international, lauching in Lodon and the US.


We hit 1 mil followers on Facebook Opened Sydney office


1000+ employees and we launched Supro Premium

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What People Say?

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I love my lash tint! I don't have extremely blonde lashes, but I do like that they can be even darker than they are. It makes my eyes stand out more and I love the way it looks! Now, I just need to add on a bit of mascara for length and I am set.

New items are released weekly.

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