How to Repurpose Expired Eyeshadow? Here Are Eight Brilliant Ways for DIY Crafts

You must be having eyeshadow palette or kits in your makeup stash. Do you ever wonder if your eyeshadow get expires? That is undoubtedly an issue with makeup products. Just like any other product, they have an expiry date. 

If your eyeshadow makeup has expired, what to do with all those eyeshadows you purchased with your heart and soul? Those eyeshadows that you bought to have a trendy and funky look, that glittery eye palette that you purchased to slay the party, and what about the shimmery eyeshadows which were your dreamy look giver thing. Now you can’t just throw all these palettes away just like that. You would be happy to know that you can use your eyeshadows again. Yes! You heard it right! You can repurpose your eyeshadow makeup using easy DIYs at home. 

We have compiled eight brilliant ways with which you can repurpose eyeshadows and upgrade your crafts collection and enjoy using your eyeshadows again. You can use eye shadow on the eyes and in other places. See the following tips to help you use eye shadow without waste.

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When Does Eyeshadow Expire?

The first thing to know about the eyeshadows is their expiration. Because they do not last as long as we think they do. But thankfully, they last longer than any other beauty product. Generally, makeup last from one month to two years.

Specifically, powder eyeshadow lasts longer for two to three years or more. Whereas cream-based, water-based, or other types of eyeshadows that contain oil expire in a shorter time.

Preservatives in them don’t keep them more useful over their expiration time. Even the powder eyeshadow goes terrible after three years. 

Other than the product’s expiration, there is a chance that your eyeshadow will go bad before time. If they are regularly exposed to moisture and dry air, and if you tend to use your fingers for makeup, then there is a chance that your makeup goes terrible before its shelf life. So, remember to apply makeup using clean fingers and clean brushes. 

Risk of Using Expired Eyeshadow 

The eyeshadows do not cause any harm to your skin if they are slightly past their expiration date. But yes, they can cause many problems if used well past the expiration date. The area near your eye is delicate; therefore, expired products can cause serious problems. Using expired eyeshadows can lead to irritation in the eyes, redness, acne, rashes, or allergic reactions. 

Powdered eyeshadows are safe and durable, but you still need to see their expiration and always use clean hands and brushes to apply them to your face. 

How to Repurpose Your Old Eyeshadow Palette?

Now that you have been convinced that your expensive eyeshadow palettes need to be removed from your makeup bag, let’s explore the other ways you can make good use of them again.

DIY Nail Polish

Here is the new way to repurpose your eyeshadow palette. Once you decide which eyeshadow has gone rogue, please bring it with you to make a fun DIY. Take a clear transparent nail polish and add 1/6 part of it into a clean and clear bottle. If your clear nail polish is already used, then take it as it is in the bottle.

Choose your color from the eyeshadow palette to make a new nail color. Crush the eyeshadow nicely into powder or when it becomes small in size. Carefully pour this crushed powder into the clear nail polish bottle.

Mix them well to make your favorite color. You can add more color to the bottle unless you get your desired color in that bottle. 

Artificial Fingernail

Eyeshadows are the most incredible way to have your favorite nail color daily. An artificial fingernail is the cheapest yet prettiest way to get a fancy look. How? Apply a base coat of your nail polish first and let it dry before applying the crushed eyeshadow of your choice.

Applying the eyeshadow with a cotton swab instead of your finger would be better to avoid mess. Then use a top coat of glossy or matte nail polish to lock the eyeshadow color and have your best look the whole day. 


You can even write using your beautiful eyeshadows. Create different writings by using glittery, solid colors. This DIY is just so easy to make. You can use color ink to write card making, creative writing (fancy), letter writing, etc.

DIY Color ink: mix eyeshadow and cleansing oil

And there you go with the unique and valuable method of using your expensive eyeshadows again. 


Expired eye shadow can also be used like paint for a painting to create a unique artwork. You need your desired color from your expired eyeshadow palette and mix it with a watercolor binder.

Mix them for about one minute, and ta-da, there you go with making a fine and creative drawing for your friend or your home interior. Make as many colors as you like using your expired eyeshadow pigments. 

DIY drawing color: crushed eyeshadow, watercolor binder

Fire Lacquer Seal

Nowadays, fire lacquer seals can be seen more frequently on the internet. People use it to make DIY fire lacquer videos for their social media pages. Now, you can make your DIY fire lacquer seal at home using very general products, which you can easily buy from the stores if you don’t have them. 

DIY fire lacquer seal: Glue stick (white) and beeswax 2:1 ratio

Grind eye shadow into powder and add to the melted wax. You can have several colors for your seal. Just enjoy making your fire lacquer seal and make crafts with them. 

Tissue Rose Bouquet

Another DIY with the help of your beloved expensive eyeshadows that are now expired is the tissue rose bouquet. Now, you must be wondering how you can use eyeshadows in such DIY? It is easy as it sounds!

Take tissues of your choice (size or length), place three layers of tissues on a flat surface, and then fold them in half. Tightly tie the folded end of the tissue, and you will get a flowered shape at the other end.

Now use eyeshadow powder to give your tissue flower a lovely color. Add color/ glitter as much as you like. 

Eyebrow Powder

You can use your eyeshadow on your eyebrows. It must be your favorite part about repurposing your eyeshadow makeup. Take the eyeshadow which best matches your eyebrows color and apply it nicely. Expired eyeshadow powder is safe to use on the hair. 

Grooming the Hairline

Now that your expired eyeshadow makeup is out for repurposing, why not use it for your hairline grooming? It will work with the exact color you use to manage your hairline at home. It’s time to use your eyeshadows uniquely. So, adopt a simple way and enjoy your DIY grooming hairline.

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